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We also no longer have our jacuzzi. It died last summer and we laid it to rest.

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* Mini-refrigerators & microwaves

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Who We Are:

Pines Motel * Guest Haus

The Pines Motel * Guest Haus has been in the Frantz / Nielson family for 50 years. We're John and Nancy Nielson, and our goal is to offer you true hospitality at an affordable price. The atmosphere is that of a small European guesthouse that's surrounded by an acre of tree-covered lawn. Whether your aim is a quick get-away to enjoy that famous Targhee powder, a week exploring the Teton / Yellowstone area or a family reunion, we think you'll find yourself at home with us.

Where in the World are John and Nancy?

We love to travel, wandering the back roads in our SUV to see what we can discover, or visiting one of our children somewhere around the world. I carry along my camera (and now my phone) and we stop often for pictures.

Soaking in hot springs is one of our favorite pastimes while traveling: in pools built near the edges of rivers or up canyons, in commercial pools, and in cattle troughs or bathtubs on BLM or private lands.

Several years back we decided to do something that you might find enjoyable: we post a hot spring photo of us occasionally from one of our trips, and ask you to pinpoint exactly where we are.

The first new person (couple) to respond, (with one guess) with the correct name and location of the hot spring will win a free room for two at the Pines Motel!

You may email, or call/message 307-264-8210 with your response.

Join those below who have won their free room at the Pines!

Happy Travels!

John and Nancy

Currently, the only hot springs yet to be guessed are #19 and #22. Check these out--you may find yourself near one of these and decide to soak!

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where in the World are John and Nancy? #22 June 27, 2022

This hot springs had two communal pools, one hot, one cold. I don't believe we dipped into the cold one this time! First person to guess the name and city/state of this hot springs (only one guess per person) will win a free night for two at the Pines Motel * Guest Haus in Driggs!

The first to respond correctly via email, or a call/message to 307-264-8210, wins a free night for two at the Pines Motel.

Let me know it's HS #22!

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where in the World are John and Nancy? #21 June 12, 2022

A primitive hot spring, typically clothing optional. There is a north and a south bank, with the south bank definitely a better soak.

We picked a rainy day, so the umbrella gave me my only protection as I managed to put on mostly dry clothes.

Winner: Jainne Abraham, Fayetteville, AR

This is the south bank of McCredie Hot Springs near Oakridge, Oregon. It was a little tricky to find it from OR 58, but it was an interesting soak!

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where in the World are John and Nancy? #20 February 21, 2022

This is the deepest of three springs in the same area. Beautifully clear water and open all year, we had it to ourselves when we visited on a May day.

Winner: Sara Lea, Idaho Falls, ID

This is one of the soaking pools at Meadow Hot Springs about 6 miles from Meadow, UT, south of Provo.

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where in the World are John and Nancy? #19 February 21, 2022

This was definitely worth the treasure hunt it took to find this little jewel! There are other soaking pools upstream as well, but they needed work the day we were there. Do you know the name of this hot spring and the nearest town?

The first to respond correctly via email, or a call/message to 307-264-8210, wins a free night for two at the Pines Motel.

Let me know it's HS #19!

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where in the World are John and Nancy? #18 February 20, 2022

This was a lovely, clean and quiet hot spring that found John mostly in the giant hot tub that particular spring day. I can imagine how busy it might be in the midst of the summer season! I thoroughly enjoyed swimming laps in the warm swimming pool.

See John circled in yellow in the hot tub on the right!

Winner: Olivia Belk, Louisville, KY

This is Nat Soo Pah Hot Springs near Hollister, Idaho

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where in the World are John and Nancy? #17 February 18, 2022

Winner: Anita Judd from Morro Bay, California

It was a crazy adventure getting to this soaking tub north of Winnemucca, NV. It's called Paradise Valley Hot Springs, and it was worth the trip!! But if it's recently rained, you may want to consider what shoes you plan to wear. . . .

We did not expect to trek through such thick mud in late October in order to enjoy such a wonderful soak.

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where in the World are John and Nancy? #16 July 8, 2021

This hot spring is another absolute favorite that I hope to visit again soon! Should be a couple dead giveaways in this photo for anyone who's been there. So to make this one just a little bit trickier, tell us which pool we're in!!!

Winner: Zoe Eby from Victor, Idaho

This is the Tranquility Pool at The Springs Resort & Spa in Pagosa Springs, CO. The "giveaways" were the domed building and the general layout of the pools.

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where in the World are John and Nancy? #15 March 5, 2021

Winner: Stephanie Wyler, Boise, Idaho

This was Ogden Hot Springs in Utah, up Ogden Canyon about 5 miles. There was a big road construction project that destroyed the beloved pools.

We visited this hot spring a few years back when it was still open. Some local hardy hotspringers need to rebuild it! (Please do!!) If anyone hears that it's being worked on, please let me know--I'd love to post here if it reopens!

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where in the World are John and Nancy? #14 March 5, 2021

This is another of our favorite hot springs (enhanced by the CCC in the 30's) that we don't get to nearly often enough!

In case you're interested:

Granite Creek Falls Hot Springs is a turn to the right about 0.7 miles before you reach the commercial springs. We actually haven't soaked in this one yet!

Winner: Michelle Taylor from Mesa, Arizona

This is the beloved Granite Hot Springs, 30 miles southeast of Jackson, Wyoming. A favorite in both late spring/summer and in winter (even by dog-sled tour!)

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where in the World are John and Nancy? #13 March 5, 2021

Winner: David Mower from Hauna Lei, Kuai, Hawaii

This is the soaking shack at Bonneville Hot Springs, near the campground of the same name about 9 miles west of Grandjean, Idaho. The campground used to be called Warm Springs Campground.

This little bathhouse with tub was an enjoyable addition to the soaking pools along the creek edge of this hot springs, where volunteers mix the water to their liking. What's the name of this hot springs, near what campground, in what state?

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where in the World are John and Nancy? #12 March 5, 2021

Have any of you found this hot springs?? What newsworthy event happened there in 2020?


There was a fire there in August of 2020 that destroyed the bathhouse, but now, about two years later, they have reopened most of the resort and are hoping to be fully open this winter, 2022/23.

Winner: Johnathan B. from Colorado

This is the Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa in Ojo Caliente, New Mexico. We're in the Iron Pool, one of many at this lovely resort.

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where in the World are John and Nancy? #11 March 30, 2020

Before I could take "selfies" with my old-fashioned camera, I got a shot of John soaking at this wonderful hot spring. We thoroughly enjoyed the uniqueness and intimacy of what was offered.

Winner: Carole Revelt, Salt Lake City, UT

This is the Saratoga Hot Springs Resort in Saratoga, Wyoming. Sadly, they're no longer open for day use-- you must be a resort guest to use them. But it's a lovely place if you want a luxurious getaway.

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where in the World are John and Nancy? #10 February 16, 2020

Winner: Ken Baskett from Eagle, Idaho

This is Burgdorf Hot Springs, about 30 miles northeast of McCall, Idaho. It is a lovey place at the end of a beautiful drive through the Payette National Forest.

We had some time off again last fall, and traipsed around finding new hot springs. This one was probably our favorite of the whole trip.

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where in the World are John and Nancy? #9 January 24, 2019

This one's different. We loved this place so much we stayed an extra night just to use the hot pool again!!

Happy Soaking!!

This one's being a bit too tricky, I'm afraid. I've added a second photo of the lovely outdoor pool as well. This motel even had a free limo service for anyone who wanted to go downtown for drinks or dinner. Great place, and reasonably priced considering the amenities.

Winners: Jennifer and Ryan from Oregon

These are the outdoor hot tub and pool at the Humboldt Bay Inn (Best Western) in Eureka, California!

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where in the World are John and Nancy? #8 February 17, 2018

Winner: Brad Galleher from Boise, Idaho

This is Strawberry Park Hot Springs a few miles from Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

We enjoyed a few new hot springs last fall, and I've finally found time to post one of our favorites.

We really enjoyed this place. Well worth the summer drive or winter shuttle!

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where in the World are John and Nancy? #7 May 19, 2017

Here is a primitive hot spring requiring a half-mile hike up a creek in the Clearwater National Forest. For which creek is it named, and into which river does it flow?

Happy soaking!

Winner: Chris Valiante from Driggs, Idaho

This is Weir Creek Hot Springs which flows into the Lochsa River in the Clearwater National Forest, about 45 miles northeast of Lowell, Idaho. It's a great little soak after a lovely, short hike.

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where in the World are John and Nancy? #6 May 24, 2016

Winner: Tom A. from Pendleton, South Carolina

This is Norris Hot Springs in Norris, Montana . We had to make plans for this one on our trip because their open hours were unusual for us. You might want to call ahead.

We've been hot springing again! We visited several new ones this spring on our little vacation, and thought you might be able to guess this one.

We hope you get to enjoy some hot springs yourself this summer on your travels.

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where in the World are John and Nancy? #5 July 17, 2015

We added a couple photos to help with this one! There seems to be a mining setup happening across the river from this hot spring.

We had a wonderful time discovering over twenty hot springs in May this year. (Hint: Obviously, they must have been a bit close together for us to make it to so many!) Here's a new one for you in a setting that was both beautiful and restful.

We hope you enjoy this activity as much as we do!

Winner: Annabel Armstrong from Boise, Idaho

Yay!!!! Another winner at last!!!! This is the delightful, easily accessible Hot Springs Campground, southeast of Garden Valley, Idaho along the South Fork of the Payette River.

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where in the World are John and Nancy? #4 March 30, 2015

Here we are again at a lovely hot springs. Covered in greenhouse plastic, it was a great soak in February!!


Apparently we've stumped everyone with this one, so we've added another picture as a second clue: it's of the indoor Jacuzzi, with a painting on the wall that should be a giveaway to anyone who's been there.

Winner: Kara Meier from Bozeman, Montana

Yay!!!! A winner at last!!!! This is a rustic resort/hot spring near Sula MT--Lost Trail HS at the base of Lost Trail Pass, just over the Idaho border on HW 93. At the top of the pass is the Lost Trail Ski Area which straddles the border between the states. Check it out!

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where in the World are John and Nancy? #3 January 15, 2015

Have any of you found this hot springs? This is a sweet little soak--we've usually had it to ourselves when we've been there. The power poles in the photo help you find it easily. It has a couple of changing rooms , a fire pit, and tables for picnicking.

Winner: Penny Green from Logan, Utah

This is Sharkey Hot Spring southeast of Salmon, ID near Tendoy on BLM land.

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where in the World are John and Nancy? #2 June 7, 2015

Winners: Lex and Erin Case from Meridian, Idaho

We were on the Salmon River near Stanley, ID. The Hot Spring has two names: Boat Box or Elkhorn.

Here we are at another of our favorite hot springs.

This hot spring has had two names, and the soaking tub used to be an old, round, wooden tub.

The buoy is really nifty--the top was cut off and welded to the bottom for a stand. Some sweet folks attached a little wooden ledge and welded steps to it.

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Where in the World are John and Nancy? #1 November 30, 2013

This is one of our favorite places to stay in Lava. The pools are open to the public, but you can get in at any time if you're a guest here. They also serve a wonderful breakfast!

Winners: Dillon and Rachel Jenkins from Montana

This is Lava Hot Springs Inn in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho.

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